GetAllState Command

cheat GetAllState <Entity ID>

This command prints information about each of the individual entities of the given type currently in the map. It is most commonly used to check if an entity is spawned (as if there is no entity of the specified type, nothing will be printed).

Argument Information

The syntax for this Ark admin command is as follows:

Entity ID Type: Entity ID The entity ID of the creature you wish to print information about to the server console.

Command Information

Find below information relating to the GetAllState command in Ark.

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Command Builder

Adjust the settings below to automatically generate a command. Once you've got everything right, hit the Copy button and paste it into the console in Ark.

cheat GetAllState <Entity ID>
Entity ID


  • cheat GetAllState Bee_Character_BP_C

    Bee_Character_BP_C is the creature ID for Giant Bees. The above console command would print to the console a list of all Giant Bee entities that are currently in the map.