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Unturned Hub

Unturned Hub is a website dedicated to the game Unturned. Unturned Hub launched in March 2018, a month after Ark IDs, and is proving to be very popular amongst gamers and server owners. Below some of its features have been outlined.

Unturned Item ID List

Unturned Hub features a full list of all Unturned item IDs. These are numerical codes used by players and administrators to spawn, or "cheat" items into the game. The list has a search feature and easily-copyable give commands, much like Ark IDs.

Other ID Lists

Not only is Unturned Hub home to a list of item IDs, it is also home to lists of vehicle IDs like helicopter IDs and airplane IDs. A list of animal IDs is also available, listing all of the seven animals currently in the Unturned game.

Unturned Skins

The Steam Community Market provides useful statistics about Unturned skins, but the skin list on Unturned Hub is not only easier-to-use, but it also provides much more accurate, detailed and unique data for skins such as average prices and market volume.

Did you know that the September 2017 Workshop Crate 4 is one of the most commonly traded Unturned skins, or that the Total Kills Counter usually has a 24 hour trade volume between 100 and 200? Probably not.. but now, thanks to Unturned Hub's list of Unturned skins, awareness of skin facts shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Unturned Commands

Commands are the bane of all Unturned server owners existences; correction, all but those who use Unturned Hub's list of all Unturned commands. Not only does this this list of commands have detailed usage information for every command, but each individual command a dedicated page with an easy-to-use command builder and syntax explanation. Take the airdrop command for example, not only is the syntax clearly explained in detail, but there is a simple "copy" button. Other commands like the give item command have further detail and links to enable cheats, as these are required in order for the command to work properly.

Other tips and guides

Other information availabe on Unturned Hub includes:

  • Commands.dat tutorial: an in-depth guide on using the Commands.dat file for Unturned servers and singleplayer. Unlike most other guides, this guide is to-the-point and includes clear examples.
  • How to enable cheats in Unturned: an easy-to-follow guide to enable cheats on either singleplayer or on a private or public Unturned server.

Minecraft Item IDs

Minecraft Item IDs is a website similar to Ark IDs that lists item IDs for all Minecraft items and blocks. It features the most complete list of item IDs, currently containing over 800 item ids.

Potion ID List

Minecraft Item IDs features a list of a 75 potion IDs update-to-date with Minecraft 1.12.2. Including those for the splash potion of healing 2 and the long duration invisiblity potion.

Other popular items include:

  • Dragon Egg ID: the item ID for the ender dragon egg (only one ever spawns naturally, when the ender dragon is slain)
  • Command Block ID: the IDs and spawn commands for the command block item (used in redstone, to automate processes and run commands)
  • End Portal ID: end portals are usually used by builders for lighting and/or to teleport to the nether. It is not obtainable naturally and usually needs to be spawned in with WorldEdit

Goat CS:GO

GOAT CS:GO is a guides website for the popular video game Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. If you're trying to get to grips with CS:GO console commands, training, skins or need information regarding any other CS:GO matter, GOAT CS:GO is the place to look. Their archives include over 50 different CS:GO-related articles.

There are a number of tutorial articles on GOAT CS:GO that are hard to find elsewhere. One example is GOAT's easy guide for Unlimited money in CSGO that is incredibly useful for practising things in offline servers, such as throwing smoke grenades or just exploring the map.