GiveDinoSet Command

cheat GiveDinoSet <Tier ID> <0 / Amount>

This admin command will spawn a set of dinos, relative to the tier you specify. See tier ID argument information for a list of tier IDs and what dinos are in each tier. You also need to specify a quantity (0 for the entire set) of dinos that should spawn.

Argument Information

The syntax for this Ark admin command is as follows:

Tier ID Type: Dino Set Tier The Tier ID of the dino set you wish to spawn. Tier IDs:
  • 0 - Dilo, Trike, and Raptor
  • 1 - Carnotaurus, Raptor, and Thylacoleo
  • 2 - Rex, Paracer, Spino, and Therizinosaur
  • 3 - Rex, Rex (Tek Saddle), Daeodon, Yutyrannus, and Therizinosaur
  • Flyers - Pteranodon, Tapejara (Tek Saddle), Quetzal, and Argentavis
  • Mek - Mek (M.S.C.M.), Mek (M.R.L.M.), and Mek (M.D.S.M.)
  • SiegeMek - Mek (M.S.C.M.)
  • MissileMek - Mek (M.R.L.M.)
  • ShieldMek - Mek (M.D.S.M.)
  • Argent - Argentavis (High Level)
  • Extinction - Velonasaur, Gacha, Managarmr, Snow Owl, Enforcer, and Gasbags
0 / Amount Type: Number Specify 0 here to spawn a full set of the specified tier. Specify another number here to spawn a set amount of dinos - 4 would spawn 4 dinos from the tier, etc.

Command Information

Find below information relating to the GiveDinoSet command in Ark.

  • Cheat
  • Console Compatible
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Command Builder

Adjust the settings below to automatically generate a command. Once you've got everything right, hit the Copy button and paste it into the console in Ark.

cheat GiveDinoSet 0 0
Tier ID
0 / Amount


  • cheat GiveDinoSet 1 0

    This command spawns a full set (0 = full set) of the dino set with tier ID 1, which consists of the Carnotaurus, Raptor and Thylacoleo.

  • cheat GiveDinoSet 1 10

    This command spawns 10 of the dinos from the set with tier ID 1 (same tier as the first example command).

  • cheat GiveDinoSet 3 0

    The above cheat command spawns a full set (0 = full set) from the dino set with tier ID 3, which consists of the Rex, Rex (with Tek Saddle), Daeodon, Yutyrannus, and Therizinosaur.