GiveSlotItemNum Command

cheat GiveSlotItemNum <Item ID> <Slot Number> <Amount>

This command puts an item (relative to the provided item ID) in the specified item slot. If there are too many items (stacked), the extra items will be placed into your inventory.

Argument Information

The syntax for this Ark admin command is as follows:

Item ID Type: Item ID The numerical item ID of the item you wish to give.
Slot Number Type: Slot Number The slot number you wish to place the item(s) in (0-9).
Amount Type: Number The amount of the specified item you wish to add to the slot.

Command Information

Find below information relating to the GiveSlotItemNum command in Ark.

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Command Builder

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cheat GiveSlotItemNum <Item ID> <Slot Number> 1
Item ID
Slot Number


  • cheat GiveSlotItemNum 419 1 2 10 0

    The above admin command would add the item with ID 419 (Pelt) to your inventory in the second slot (slot number 1, as the first slot is 0). The final 3 numbers in the command specify the following: amount (which is 2), quality (which is 10) and whether or not the give the item as a blueprint (which is a set to 0, meaning the the item would be given, not the blueprint).

  • cheat GiveSlotItemNum 419 1 2 10 1

    This example is the same as the first, but instead of adding Pelt as an item to your inventory, it would add Pelt as a blueprint because the "Force Blueprint" argument (the last number) is set to 1 (true).