TPCoords Command

cheat TPCoords <GPS Latitude> <GPS Longitude> <Altitude>

This command will teleport your character to the specified GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude, not X, Y, Z.

Argument Information

The syntax for this Ark admin command is as follows:

GPS Latitude Type: Number The GPS latitude coordinate to teleport your character to.
GPS Longitude Type: Number The GPS longitude coordinate to teleport your character to.
Altitude Type: Number The altitude to teleport your player to. If you aren't sure of the altitude you are teleporting to, enable god mode and set this to a really high number (e.g. 35000).

Command Information

Find below information relating to the TPCoords command in Ark.

  • Cheat
  • Console Compatible
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Command Builder

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cheat TPCoords 0 0 10000
GPS Latitude
GPS Longitude


  • cheat TPCoords 70.7 61.1

    This cheat command teleports you to the coordinates 70.7 (latitude) and 61.1 (longitude).

  • cheat TPCoords 52.5 17.7

    This admin command teleports you to the coordinates 52.5 (latitude) and 17.7 (longitude).

  • cheat TPCoords 52.5 17.7 3000

    This command is the same as the second example, but specifies an altitude argument of 3000 (the height to teleport to).