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Scorched Earth

The Scorched Earth DLC introduced lots of new items, creatures and an entire new map. It currently costs $19.99 USD on all platforms. A new boss and artifacts were also introduced.

Ark Scorched Earth IDs


The Aberration DLC was the second DLC introduced for Ark: Survival Evolved, it was priced at the same price as Scorched Earth ($19.99 USD) for all platforms. Like other DLCs, it introduced new items, new creatures and also a new artifacts.

Ark Aberration IDs

The Center

The Center is DLC introduced by the Ark team that costs.. nothing! That's right, it is completely free. It introduced a new map.

Ark The Center IDs


The Ragnarok DLC is not yet finished, although it did bring a new map to the game. The arrival of Ragnorak also brought 5 new creatures to the game.

Ark Ragnarok IDs

Primitive Plus

The Primitive Plus DLC features a complete overhaul of all known Ark: Survival Evolved mechanics.

Ark Primitive Plus IDs


Ark: Extinction is the second most-recent addition to Ark: Survival Evolved, introducing a new map named Corrupted Earth.

Ark Extinction IDs


Valguero is a new map, released for PC in June 2019, and July 2019 for consoles. It introduced only one dinosaur - the Deinonychus.

Ark Valguero IDs