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Ark dino dossiers are similar to notes, and can be found around the map.
The dossiers contain crucial information about dinosaurs and creatures.

Dossier Coords


Explorers Notes are similar to dino dossiers, and are also located around the map.
Collecting notes rewards you with experience and an XP boost for 10 minutes.

Note Coords


Records were written by Sir Edmund Rockwell and like Explorer's Notes, and are accounts of his encounters.

Record Coords


Tablets were left by Raia, an Egyptian priestess.
The tablets must be translated as they are in egyptian.

Tablet Coords


Journals were written by Grad Students, such as Rusty Stafford and Boris. They contain useful information.

Journal Coords


Explorer Logs were written by Diana Altaras and are similar to Explorer's Notes.

Log Coords