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Invertebrates in Ark: Survival Evolved are animals, insects and all other entities that do not have a backbone.

Invertebrate IDs


Dinos are one of the most iconic creatures in Ark. Most of them are big.. and dinosaur-looking.

Dinosaur IDs

Alpha Predator

Alpha predators were added with the intention of making the game more difficult. They are the most powerful dinos in the game.

Alpha Predator IDs


Fantasy creatures are animals in Ark that have never actually existed in the (real) world - they are specific/unique to the game.

Fantasy IDs


Fish in Ark come in all shapes and sizes.. ranging from small coelacanths to huge megalodons. They are native to the water.

Fish IDs


Birds are creatures that can fly. They come in all shapes and sizes, just like fish - some are so big that they're classed as dinosaurs!

Bird IDs


Mammals are warm-blooded animals. Most mammals in Ark are not aggressive, can be tamed and also hold a saddle.

Mammal IDs


Reptiles in Ark are cold-blooded creatures that usually have scaly skin.

Reptile IDs

Event Creature

Event creatures are only genuinely in the game for a short period of time, during events. You can still spawn them in with admin commands.

Event Creature IDs


Bosses are powerful creatures that you must defeat in Ark. Most of them have lairs and take lots of preparation to slay.

Boss IDs


Amphibians in Ark are creatures that start out as larvae (with gills) and grow into breathing, land-based creatures.

Amphibian IDs


In Ark, Synapsids are mammal-like creatures - some also share characteristics of reptiles.

Synapsid IDs


Mechanical creatures are drones, robots and other NPCs that are electronic.

Mechanical IDs


Vehicles are entities that can be used to move around including boats and cars.

Vehicles IDs


Weapons are entities that spawn in the world when weapons are used. The best example of a weapon entity is a rocket or other projectile.

Weapons IDs