Ark Farming Item ID List

A complete, updated list of all farming item IDs in the Ark video game and its DLCs.
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Farming items are fertilizers that allow you to farm more efficiently.

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Image Item Name Item ID GFI Code
Fertilizer Fertilizer 50 cheat gfi Fertilizer_Compost 1 1 0
Re-Fertilizer Re-Fertilizer 382 cheat gfi PrimalItemConsumableMiracleGro 1 1 0
Small Animal Feces Small Animal Feces 54 cheat gfi DinoPoopSmall 1 1 0
Human Feces Human Feces 55 cheat gfi HumanPoop 1 1 0
Medium Animal Feces Medium Animal Feces 282 cheat gfi DinoPoopMedium 1 1 0
Large Animal Feces Large Animal Feces 283 cheat gfi DinoPoopLarge 1 1 0
Massive Animal Feces Massive Animal Feces DinoPoopMassive cheat gfi DinoPoopMassive 1 1 0