How to Use Spawn Commands


  • Press the TAB key on your keyboard.

  • Paste a GFI command from the list below into the console and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.

Search Item IDs


  • At the same time, press LB, RB, X and Y on the controller.

  • Enter a GFI command from the list below into the console and then hit the ADMIN COMMAND button.

Search Item IDs

Play Station

  • At the same time, press L1, R1, SQUARE and TRIANGLE on the controller.

  • Enter a GFI command from the list below into the command field and then hit the ADMIN COMMAND button.

Search Item IDs

Ark Emote Item ID List

Type an item name, GFI code or ID number into the search bar to search 25 items.

On PC, these spawn commands can only be executed by players who have first authenticated themselves with the enablecheats command. For more help using commands, see the "How to Use Ark Commands" box.

Click the copy button to copy the item spawn command to your clipboard.

Image Item Name Item ID GFI Code
Knock Emote Unlock Knock Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_FEKnock cheat gfi UnlockEmote_FEKnock 1 1 0
Scare Emote Unlock Scare Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_FEScare cheat gfi UnlockEmote_FEScare 1 1 0
Afro Hairstyle Unlock Afro Hairstyle Unlock UnlockHair_Head_Afro cheat gfi UnlockHair_Head_Afro 1 1 0
Air Drums Emote Unlock Air Drums Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_AirDrum cheat gfi UnlockEmote_AirDrum 1 1 0
Air Guitar Emote Unlock Air Guitar Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_AirGuitar cheat gfi UnlockEmote_AirGuitar 1 1 0
Archer Flex Emote Unlock Archer Flex Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Flex2 cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Flex2 1 1 0
Belly Rub Emote Unlock Belly Rub Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_BellyRub cheat gfi UnlockEmote_BellyRub 1 1 0
Bicep Smooch Emote Unlock Bicep Smooch Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Flex1 cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Flex1 1 1 0
Bunny Hop Dance Emote Bunny Hop Dance Emote UnlockEmote_BunnyHopDance cheat gfi UnlockEmote_BunnyHopDance 1 1 0
Caroling Emote Unlock Caroling Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Caroling cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Caroling 1 1 0
Dance Emote Unlock Dance Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Dance cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Dance 1 1 0
Flirty Emote Unlock Flirty Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Flirt cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Flirt 1 1 0
Food Coma Emote Unlock Food Coma Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_FoodComa cheat gfi UnlockEmote_FoodComa 1 1 0
Happy Clap Emote Unlock Happy Clap Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_HappyClap cheat gfi UnlockEmote_HappyClap 1 1 0
Hungry Emote Unlock Hungry Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Hungry cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Hungry 1 1 0
Mosh Pit Emote Unlock Mosh Pit Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_MoshPit cheat gfi UnlockEmote_MoshPit 1 1 0
Nutcracker Dance Emote Unlock Nutcracker Dance Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_NutcrackerDance cheat gfi UnlockEmote_NutcrackerDance 1 1 0
Panic Emote Unlock Panic Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Panic cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Panic 1 1 0
Zombie Emote Unlock Zombie Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Zombie cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Zombie 1 1 0
Backflip Emote Unlock Backflip Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Backflip cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Backflip 1 1 0
Chest Beat Emote Unlock Chest Beat Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_ChestBeat cheat gfi UnlockEmote_ChestBeat 1 1 0
Hula Dance Emote Unlock Hula Dance Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_HulaDance cheat gfi UnlockEmote_HulaDance 1 1 0
Santa Emote Unlock Santa Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Santa cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Santa 1 1 0
Self Hug Emote Unlock Self Hug Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_SelfHug cheat gfi UnlockEmote_SelfHug 1 1 0
Tail Wiggle Emote Unlock Tail Wiggle Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_TailWiggle cheat gfi UnlockEmote_TailWiggle 1 1 0