Ark Emote Item ID List

A complete, updated list of all emote item IDs in the Ark video game and its DLCs.
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Emotes are actions that your character can perform. They must be unlocked before they can be used.

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Image Item Name Item ID GFI Code
Knock Emote Unlock Knock Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_FEKnock cheat gfi UnlockEmote_FEKnock 1 1 0
Scare Emote Unlock Scare Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_FEScare cheat gfi UnlockEmote_FEScare 1 1 0
Afro Hairstyle Unlock Afro Hairstyle Unlock UnlockHair_Head_Afro cheat gfi UnlockHair_Head_Afro 1 1 0
Air Drums Emote Unlock Air Drums Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_AirDrum cheat gfi UnlockEmote_AirDrum 1 1 0
Air Guitar Emote Unlock Air Guitar Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_AirGuitar cheat gfi UnlockEmote_AirGuitar 1 1 0
Archer Flex Emote Unlock Archer Flex Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Flex2 cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Flex2 1 1 0
Belly Rub Emote Unlock Belly Rub Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_BellyRub cheat gfi UnlockEmote_BellyRub 1 1 0
Bicep Smooch Emote Unlock Bicep Smooch Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Flex1 cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Flex1 1 1 0
Bunny Hop Dance Emote Bunny Hop Dance Emote UnlockEmote_BunnyHopDance cheat gfi UnlockEmote_BunnyHopDance 1 1 0
Caroling Emote Unlock Caroling Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Caroling cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Caroling 1 1 0
Dance Emote Unlock Dance Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Dance cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Dance 1 1 0
Flirty Emote Unlock Flirty Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Flirt cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Flirt 1 1 0
Food Coma Emote Unlock Food Coma Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_FoodComa cheat gfi UnlockEmote_FoodComa 1 1 0
Happy Clap Emote Unlock Happy Clap Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_HappyClap cheat gfi UnlockEmote_HappyClap 1 1 0
Hungry Emote Unlock Hungry Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Hungry cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Hungry 1 1 0
Mosh Pit Emote Unlock Mosh Pit Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_MoshPit cheat gfi UnlockEmote_MoshPit 1 1 0
Nutcracker Dance Emote Unlock Nutcracker Dance Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_NutcrackerDance cheat gfi UnlockEmote_NutcrackerDance 1 1 0
Panic Emote Unlock Panic Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Panic cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Panic 1 1 0
Zombie Emote Unlock Zombie Emote Unlock UnlockEmote_Zombie cheat gfi UnlockEmote_Zombie 1 1 0