Ark Hairstyle Item ID List

A complete, updated list of all hairstyle item IDs in the Ark video game and its DLCs.
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Hairstyles are items you can equip to change the look of your character's hair (including facial hair!).

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Image Item Name Item ID GFI Code
Braids Hairstyle Unlock Braids Hairstyle Unlock UnlockHair_Head_Braids cheat gfi UnlockHair_Head_Braids 1 1 0
Curly Beard Facial Hair Unlock Curly Beard Facial Hair Unlock UnlockHair_Facial_CurlyBeard cheat gfi UnlockHair_Facial_CurlyBeard 1 1 0
Dread Beard Facial Hair Unlock Dread Beard Facial Hair Unlock UnlockHair_Facial_Dreadbeard cheat gfi UnlockHair_Facial_Dreadbeard 1 1 0
Dreadlocks Hairstyle Unlock Dreadlocks Hairstyle Unlock UnlockHair_Head_Dreadlocks cheat gfi UnlockHair_Head_Dreadlocks 1 1 0
Goatee Facial Hair Unlock Goatee Facial Hair Unlock UnlockHair_Facial_Goatee cheat gfi UnlockHair_Facial_Goatee 1 1 0
Mohawk Hairstyle Unlock Mohawk Hairstyle Unlock UnlockHair_Head_Mohawk cheat gfi UnlockHair_Head_Mohawk 1 1 0
Moustache Facial Hair Unlock Moustache Facial Hair Unlock UnlockHair_Facial_Moustache cheat gfi UnlockHair_Facial_Moustache 1 1 0
Mutton Chops Facial Hair Unlock Mutton Chops Facial Hair Unlock UnlockHair_Facial_MuttonChops cheat gfi UnlockHair_Facial_MuttonChops 1 1 0
Ponytail Hairstyle Unlock Ponytail Hairstyle Unlock UnlockHair_Head_Ponytail cheat gfi UnlockHair_Head_Ponytail 1 1 0
Viking Beard Facial Hair Unlock Viking Beard Facial Hair Unlock UnlockHair_Facial_VikingBeard cheat gfi UnlockHair_Facial_VikingBeard 1 1 0
Viking Hairstyle Unlock Viking Hairstyle Unlock UnlockHair_Head_Viking cheat gfi UnlockHair_Head_Viking 1 1 0